A scandalous skiing holiday we will never forget

Posted on
February 24, 2022

As mentioned last week, many Danes go on a winter vacations in weeks seven or eight. For ski-loving Danes, it means a goodbye to the gray Danish winter weather and instead a week with mountain peaks, ski lifts and minus degrees. When it comes to the Danes' favorite ski travel destinations, there are 3 countries that clearly top the list: Austria, Sweden and Norway.

There are several reasons why Danes love going on skiing holidays. One of the biggest reasons is that many people associate the time in the snow with “hygge”, traditions and being with people you care about. It is rare that you have a lot of time for each other in a busy everyday life, so it is a much-needed break to g to go on holiday abroad, where the days are completely different than at home.

Norway is also the destination in this week’s Thursday Classic Movie - the Danish film classic MIN KONES FERIE. Here the purpose is a COMPLETELY different thing than spending quality time with your loved ones - actually quite the opposite! Axel Strøby and Ghita Nørby play the couple Allan and Bodil. Allan is tired of his wife and has found solace with the beautiful Tenna (Malene Schwartz) with whom he has fallen in love. Allan gets an idea, he invites Bodil on a winter holiday in Norway. The trip is to be a farewell gift and at the same time, it is a cunning attempt to push her into the arms of another man, so he can get his divorce. At the high mountain hotel, the couple meets the charming pharmacist John Bjerre (Ove Sprogøe), who immediately feels attracted to Bodil, and they initiate a stormy romance.

Posted on
February 24, 2022
Thursday Movie

A scandalous skiing holiday we will never forget

This week's Thursday Classic Movie

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