Animosity and fights on set

Posted on
January 22, 2022

The prohibition is raging in the United States, but the ban on alcohol brings far more harm than good. The hard times have also hit the Bondurant brothers (Jason Clarke, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf) - and like so many others, they are making good money on home-brewed moonshine. Jack, the youngest brother has always been in the shadow of his two hard-hitting and uncompromising brothers, but when the corrupt cop Rakes comes to town, Jack finally gets his chance to show his worth.

However, it is not only the storyline of the film that has been filled with drama. After the film came out, rumors began to circulate that two of the protagonists, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, had a strained relationship with each other during filming. So much so that they had gotten into physical altercations on set and Shia had knocked out Tom Hardy.  

Since then, Shia has tried to kill of this rumor and set things straight. According to him, the two got along just fine and used to wrestle for fun. It was during one of those fighting-for-fun moments (one that Hardy seemed to be winning) that they got too close to a staircase. Hardy stumbled and fell down the stair and during the rest of filming Hardy walked and jokingly talked about the day Shia had knocked him out.

Whether there was animosity between the two actors, or it was all just a joke that Hardy came up with, we are not able to say. But one thing is for sure: in the film Lawless you get fantastic performances from two of Hollywood's absolute heavyweights.

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Posted on
January 22, 2022
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Animosity and fights on set

When drama unfolds both in front of and behind the camera

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