In 1992, a journalist called her a "mood bomb" and in 1998 another noted how often she laughed during an interview. And Bodil Jørgensen is in fact known to many as a fresh and fiery woman with a big smile. But things have not always been all smiles and fun for the popular actress. When she was 27 years old, she was involved in a train accident on Sorø and in 2014 she was hit by a runaway tractor during the filming of a movie and hovered between life and death for 5 days. Fortunately, she came out of both accidents with her life intact.

With two such violent experiences in your past, many would probably risk being scarred for life. But that's not how Bodil is. As she explained in an interview with BT: "To continue being stuck on that - life is too violent and too big and too beautiful for an accident to slow down." One of the things that has gotten Bodil through the crises of her life is also something that she well-known and loved for - her humor. She has been able to see the tragicomic in her situation and has a very special love for working with the tragicomic in her films.

If you want to see Bodil Jørgensen fully unfold her comic talents - then you can do just that with the film All Inclusive here at Kino Club.

Posted on
December 25, 2021
Kino News

Between smile and pain

A portrait of one of Denmark's most beloved actresses

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