Carsten Knudsens Filmliste

Posted on
December 13, 2021

At Kino Club, we love to be inspired to what to watch on TV. We love talking about movies and are passionate about sharing our movie enthusiasm with others. Therefore, we have invited several famous Danes to be part of our Kino Club, so they can enjoy the movies with us – and us with them. Each one of them have also made a little nice video about who they are, what they are working on now and most importantly – they passion about movies. Vi have also asked them to select 6 great movies on Kino Club that they would like to watch. All of this has been gathered in Film Lists, which we have posted on Kino Club, for you to go in, watch and be inspired to a variety of great movie experiences.

In this edition of My Film List we meet Carsten Knudsen, whom we all know and love from De Nattergale and not least for his role of Gertrud Sand in The Julekalender. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Julekalender, Carsten takes us on a tour of the old The Julekalender set.

Carsten plays on his guitar, shares anecdotes and tells us what he is doing at the moment. And of course he also shares what movies he has selected for his Film List here at Kino Club.

Posted on
December 13, 2021
Film List

Carsten Knudsens Filmliste

Great inspiration for your next movie night

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