Great drama at the castle

Posted on
June 23, 2022

Is there anything more amazing than gathering around a TV with a good movie classic? We don’t think so.

Every Thursday at Kino Club, we invite you and your loved ones to sit back and relax and join us in watching a great, classic movie – a Thursday Classic Movie! We will announce the week’s Thursday Classic Movie in the days leading up to and there will be an opportunity share your opinion about the film, on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This week, we have the pleasure showing you the fantastic, Danish film classic KOMTESSEN with Malene Schwartz, Birgitte Federspiel, Emil Hass Christensen and Ebbe Langberg.

The film is about Count Otto Hardenborg. He lives at Hardenborg Castle and lives a very beautiful family life with his amazing wife, Countess Sonia, and their two grown children, son Flemming and daughter Maria – who are both siblings and best friends. Together with their friend Torben, the son of the neighboring estate, they often ride around in the woods or go on car trips. Maybe because it's nicer to be four than three, Maria has invited the beautiful Harriet, but Harriet turns out to be very challenging by nature, and Maria does not like at all that Harriet so obviously tends to Flemming.

Watch the film today at Kino Club.

Posted on
June 23, 2022
Thursday Movie

Great drama at the castle

This week's Thursday Classic Movie

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