Looking back on the year gone by

Posted on
December 27, 2021

Kino Club is still just getting started, but already a clear picture is emerging - Kino Club loves Danish films! Here's the Top 5 most viewed at Kino Club in 2021 - and if you've not seen them yet, just get started. 😊

1 The Julekalender: The Christmas calendar about the elves, the potato farmer / wife and Nåså'eren has gone on to win everyone’s hearts at Kino Club. If you have not seen all the episodes yet, hurry up before the end of December. Because you cannot watch a Christmas calendar after the 24th of December - or can you…?

2. Bussen: Lovely Dirch plays the lead role as a charming, local bus driver with a twinkle in his eye in this movie classic, which was also our first Thursday Classic Movie.

3. Uden en trævl: The story of the young high school girl and her exciting journey through Europe. The diary notes from her trip are used by her acquaintance, a young doctor, in her sexological dissertation.

4. The Music of Silence: The incredible, true story of world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. The film follows his upbringing and his struggle to achieve his big dream of becoming an international opera singer.

5. Gasolin: The story of the biggest rock band in Danish history - Gasolin. We get an insight into a band that were always together and who had a stubborn belief that anything is possible.

Watch our top 5 most popular on Kino Club today!!!

Posted on
December 27, 2021
Kino News

Looking back on the year gone by

5 most popular from Kino Club 2021

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