The biggest French movie ever made

Posted on
January 10, 2022

The film Amélie takes place on Montmartre in Paris , where we follow Amélie, who is a waitress at the Café des Deux Moulins. She has had a difficult childhood, being isolated from other children due to a misdiagnosed heart disease. Her mother dies in an accident when Amélie is still quite young. The father then dedicates his life to building a mausoleum in memory of his wife. Amélie is left to fend for herself and develops a rich imagination. Her life changes abruptly when Princess Diana dies in a car accident. It makes Amélie find her meaning in life - helping others to achieve happiness.     

The film was a great international success and sold around 148,200 tickets in Denmark alone. When it the statuette season of 2002 set in, Amélie became one of the big winners of the year. The film won the award for best film at the European Film Awards, it won four César Awards (including Best Picture and Best Director and two BAFTA Awards). It was quickly declared France's great hope at the year's Oscar nominations and was nominated for an impressing 5 Oscar statuettes; Best Foreign Film, Best Screenplay, Best Scenography, Best Photography and Best Sound. Unfortunately, it was overlooked in all categories, but being nominated is in itself a huge achievement and cemented Amélie as one of the most popular French films ever.

Now, 21 years after its release, Amélie is still a favorite among movie fans. People continue to be enchanted by its beautiful scenography, playful approach and can relate to its theme: to appreciate the little things in life and that joy can be found in even the most trivial everyday life.

Posted on
January 10, 2022
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The biggest French movie ever made

How Amélie spellbound the entire movie world

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