When weightlifting if the only way out

Posted on
February 5, 2022

ALL SHE CAN is the store of Luz Garcia, a high school student in a sleepy town in Texas. Luz is looking for something other than the opportunities that await her and her schoolmates after graduation. The typical way forward for the young people in the city is either to work on an oil platform or military service - and neither is something Luz sees any future in.

When she is admitted to the University of Texas at Austin, it immediately seems that her luck has changed, but she soon finds out that she cannot afford to pay tuition. Her only option now is to get a scholarship, which she will do by winning the weightlifting championship. It's all or nothing for her in her quest to escape from her sleepy hometown.

This inspiring story hovers between right and wrong, and the determination it takes to achieve a dream. The film avoids the typical clichés - where the solution to all the problems is surprisingly rosy read and straightforward. Its goal is deeper than just a victory for a championship because Luz lives in a world where drugs, police violence and anxiety are part of everyday life. The film's director Amy Wendel explains that it was important for her to tell a story where the first and optimal solution is NOT an option. "It's actually about Plan B. Everyone has a Plan A, but if you really want to succeed in the world, you typically need a Plan B."

Watch ALLSHE CAN at Kino Club Today.

Posted on
February 5, 2022
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When weightlifting if the only way out

The fight for a better life

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