You have never seen Little Red Riding Hood like this before

Posted on
June 20, 2022

What happens when you pair the little Red Riding Hood with 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'The Usual ' Suspects' in a twisted 3-D universe?

A very strange intersection, that's for sure. And it certainly has not been the ambitions of the brothers Cory and Todd Edward to create a neat and smooth retelling of Grimm's grim tale. In their version, the region is threatened by an evil bandit who has cast his thieving gaze on Grandma's top-secret cookbook. Little Red Riding Hood, a small preteen, offers to take care of the book for her, but Grandma refuses to protect her innocent granddaughter.

We get the story from four very different perspectives: the laconic Little Red Riding Hood, the perhaps not so dangerous wolf, Grandma, bitten by crazy extreme sports, and finally the wondering woodcutter. It is an insane adventure with embedded musical numbers, for example one with a blind goat singing bluegrass.

Posted on
June 20, 2022
Kino News

You have never seen Little Red Riding Hood like this before

A traditional fairy tale turned upside down

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